Buzz on Barre! !

What’s so special about barre these days? All your friends have tried it, but you’re still unsure what barre is all about. There’s a buzz on barre in Orange County today because it offers ladies the endurance of a mile run, with the elegance and poise of a ballet class. DP Pilates & Barre is showcasing its barre classes to young ladies looking to get a tighter booty, a great work out, or maybe just a some time to break away from your busy school work. If you are going for that long lean fit look, barre class is the class for you. ! !

Barre classes use ballet techniques to tone legs and thighs, Pilates principles to tighten and lift the  core, and light weights to tone arms and back. The workouts vary somewhat from  teacher to teacher, but in a great barre class, you will achieve a total body workout. ! !

Music in a Barre Class will keep your heart pumping with upbeat, bumping house music, techno, and probably your favorite Top 40, as class participants concentrate. The class pace is fast and you must come prepared to sweat and feel a burn. The energy is undeniable in a great Barre Class, as breathing creates a synergistic pulse among the glistening participants. ! !

The blood pumping, oxygen enhancing, feel-good buzz generally called a “runner’s high” takes over; and before you know it, you’ve finished your workout! You did it. And it feels like you want to come back and do this again tomorrow!! ! By focusing on breathe, form, and endurance, barre never gets old. You won’t get bored. On the contrary, it can be rather addicting!

The latest craze in mind body fitness is well warranted. Barre classes are exhilarating! For more information you can contact DP Pilates and Barre.

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