Jeannie .

Jeannie . instructs the following:
  • Tower Stretch

  • Pilates Reformer Level 3-4
  • Advanced Pilates. A full repertoire of pilates exercises founded in steeped tradition with a contemporary fresh approach. Music and breath are part of every class. Experience and previous training are necessary for this class as it flows from one exercise to the next. Teacher approval required. 

  • Pilates Tower Group Class
  • Pilates Tower is a perfect class to strenghten, stretch, and tone the body. This class is suitabe for those new to pilates and well as the seasoned practitioner. The class is fun! The exercises are effective. You will feel and see rapid changes in your body and improve quickly. Pilates works and makes you feel great! 

  • Pilates Reformer Level 2-3
  • Reformer Pilates Class. Mixed level class. Stretch and Strength emphasized in this class that works the entire body from head to toe. You will leave with a relaxed feeling ready to tackle the week ahead!